Sunday, April 23, 2006

1997, Azienda Agricola Accornero Giulio & Figli Barbera d'Asti "Bricco Battista" (Monferrato)

This is completely estate bottled fruit from a small, high quality producer that has been making wine or over 100 years. Maybe hard to find, but I think you will enjoy the results of the search.

This wine has (had) been aged in my cellar since purchasing. Was decanted vigorously (very little sediment) immediately prior to tasting.

The color is a deep garnet/red with just a slight diminishing of the brilliance due to the age. Clarity is just slightly off, as well.

Aromatically the wine is wonderful. Shows lovely fruits flavors of dried cherries and ripe raspberries. There is a touch of fresh herbs (rosemary and thyme) and leather/sweat - an aged component that adds to the complexity of this wine.

The fruit flavors are complimented by the earthy component and there is no lessening of the wine's flavors or intensity. In fact, it is even more intense, perhaps. (That is why we age wines.)

Very smooth and rich on the palate; the fruit flavors and earthiness continue through the finish. A bit of "tang" or snap on the back of the palate let you know that the acidity is still kicking and that this wine is not too long in the cellar.

Great length with all the fruit and flavors continuing with a touch of orange peel freshness.

I am very pleased with the purchase of this wine, and my subsequent aging.

see this web-site for more info on the winery

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