Monday, May 01, 2006

Azienda Agricole Lis Neris

Friuli. Home of the best white wines made in Italy. Perhaps a loaded comment, but one that I find true just about everytime I taste the really great whites of the region. Alvaro Pecorari is responsible for this round of comments. His family has been in charge of what is now known as Lis Neris Winery, since 1879 - making superb wines on the ever changing Italy / Slovenia border.

The winery's 30 hectares are basically surrounded by Slovenia on three sides with Italy to your back. Stainless steel is the fermenting vessel of choice, but older and neutral wood is used to add complexity to the single vineyard wines. And boy are they complex!

2004 Lis Neris Pinot Grigio, Friuli
This is really the finest production Pinot Grigio on the market (at least that I have come across). Unlike many boutique producers that make great Pinot Grigio (in 200 case lots), Lis Neris makes about 6,000 cases of this extraordinary wine.

Pale straw/gold in color with very intense aromatics reminding one of flowers and almonds. Very concentrated flavors on the palate and very smooth; texturally rich. The finish just goes on and on unlike the vast majority of Pinot Grigio that just fall off fast.

Definitely a step beyond ordinary.

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