Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday Night Summer Feast

And why not FEAST?

It is mid-summer. The garden is crankin' out some tasty veggies. The 2005 Euro-wines are as fresh and good as they can be. Just the perfect combination for creating some home-done masterpieces. Here's what I am having tonight:

  • La Vieille Ferme Rose 2005 - there is simply nothing that can compete with this wine, this summer. I have had a bunch of Rose this year, and this is by-and-far the best tasting, most balanced, goes with anything and certainly the best value ($6.00!!!)!
  • Salsa de la Jardin - Yellow peppers, red peppers, FIRE roasted plum tomato’s, sweet onions, cilantro, some black beans, fresh lime and a dash of cumin and red pepper spice to top it off. UUUMMM, Good!
  • Cracklin' Vermont Cheddar.
  • Sweet and Buttery corn on the cob - bathed in an appropriate amount of butter, of course.
  • Fresh bag of salty tortilla chips.
  • FEAST!

All the colors of the veggies are as they are supposed to be - nothing is washed out and bland because it is out of season. They salt on the chips makes the spice and fiery flavors in the salsa pop. So, so good, and sssooooo simple.

The wine (at 13% alc) goes with everything and does not have any alcohol burn like the bigger wines from CAli and other regions will. A kaleidoscope of flavors and color that is what really makes summer cooking so good.

Desert will be fresh & juicy, locally grown red plums (quartered) over vanilla glace and topped with fresh whipped cream and minced Basil (yes, Basil) - just try this, it is a freakin’ treat and is so simple. You can also use fresh raspberries, blueberries, rhubarb, strawberries - whatever is in season.

Get cookin' - JUST do it, alright!

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