Friday, August 31, 2007

Castello Monaci (Puglia)

Castello Monaci (Puglia)
Vineyards replanted since 1999 – winery locate in the heart of Salento

Monaci Liante Salice Salentino DOC 2006 – Nergoamaro 80%, Malvasia Nero 20% - very dark color – sweet plumy, cherry nose fills the nose with lovely flavors – super soft on the palate with a load of tangy fruit flavors – very pleasantly balanced and drinkable with a peppery finish – great little country red wine. Like this a lot. Liante is the local name for the southerly winds.

Monaci Maru IGT 2006 – Negroamaro 100% - deep black purple color – super easy drinking with great balance of flavors and fruits – cherry and strawberry flavors - smooth and quite soft, but still good acid balance on the finish – delicious. Maru is the local name for Negroamaro.

Monaci Piluna IGT 2006 – Primitivo 100% - dark color – pepper on the nose with smoke and a bit of heat – big wine, fills the mouth with deep flavors – quite full with a bit of tannin – probably one of the biggest $8 bottles of wine around – long, dryish finish with loads of fruit that carry through for at least a minute or more. Quite impressive. Piluna is the amphorae that they keep water.

Monaci Artas IGT 2004 – Primitivo 85%, Negroamaro 15% - 45 year old vines which are dry farmed – Tre Bicchieri - not tasted.

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