Friday, August 31, 2007

Domaine de Lagrezette (Cahors DOC)

Domaine de Lagrezette (Cahors DOC)
een in US for about 12 years, never very organized or a lot of market penetration.
Property founded in the 12th Century.
Growing Malbec for 300+ years.

Domaine de Lagrezette Zette Malbec Cahors AC 2003 – dark color, ultra ripe flavors on the nose – huge flavors on the palate with a really big ripeness level – there is a hole in the mid-finish, but quite easy drinking with a good grip on the finish.

Chateau Lagrezette Malbec Cohors AC Cru d’Exception 2003 – deep color smoky nose with really ripe fruit flavors – soft juicy and quite easy to drink – with loads of supple fruit – good wine to drink – finishes with a bit of grip. Good.

Chateau Lagrezette Cahors AC Cuvee Dame Honneur 2003- Malbec, Merlot (92/8) – deep cranberry red – smooth fruit flavors on the nose - ultra ripe and smooth on the palate with a good acid balance and deep flavors. Quite impressive (should be for the money).

Chateau Lagrezette Cahors AC Le Pigeonnier 2000 – really dark color – huge nose with loads of smoke and ultra deep berry flavors – quite layered aromatics – mouth coating and full on the palate – really big on the palate and really big through the finish – quite big, long and layered. Will last a long time – will the fruit?

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