Friday, May 09, 2008

Duncan's Amphora

I shot this photo/video footage last month while in South Africa. I was on a trip hosted by Bryce MacNamee of the Boutique Wine Collection (he appears in the video wearing the white shirt).

The object of the day was this clay amphora that was being commissioned by Duncan Savage, winemaker at Cape Point Vineyards. It is part of an experiment he is conducting to see if he can attain "better" or more complex wines that are in harmony with their environment, and therefore more representational of their terroir, by not only producing wines in a certain way, but also by aging them in material made from the "terroir" - i.e.: clay amphora.

The process being demonstrated is actually a test method using beeswax to seal the porous terra cotta. Duncan and Nico Liebenberg, the potter, are shown pouring the hot liquid wax into the vessel and then painting and firing it on to the exterior.

It was a beautiful day, and we were fortunate enough to meet Duncan and Nico while they were at this. It was a much more interesting opportunity than being led through another winery to see the wonderful and very expensive oak barrels and Inox tanks - let me tell you.

I need to check back with Duncan to see how the experiment is progressing.

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  1. I have had a number of comments re this video, and I feel that I must explain my music choice. First, I should mention that I find it quite boring to watch a video like this in silence. Therefore, the music. Second, I chose reggae because I felt is fit with Duncan and Niko and their "style"; laid back, industrious, curious and mellow. Enjoy - BCM