Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sometimes it's not the most expensive wine that tastes best...

I was recently in one of my retail stores and the manager/owner was telling me about the tasting he held the previous Saturday with some customers. What struck me was the response that he and his guests had for these wines. The tasting was a comparative of Napa Cabs, some of which are quite expensive. I have always maintained that price is not an indicator of quality - YOUR PALATE IS!

Although you should expect more from a wine that is more expensive I have done so many tastings where the response for the less expensive offering was better. Sometimes this is explained by the fact that the more expensive wine is "bigger" and has more tannins and astringency than a more simple but juicy styled wine, which can be more appealing than a wine that needs some time. This goes hand-in-hand with the taster's experience and likes, of course. I love to taste people on wines that are way out of their price comfort zone but they deem superior because of the price, and then see their reaction to the fact that they really like the cheap wine better.

This tasting may or may not prove this theory, especially as the wine that I rep in this list is not exactly a "cheap" wine. I just like the fact that the Sequoia Grove dusted these other wines, which quite honestly are generally seen as superior. The following are the comments that client was kind enough to send to me about the reaction to the tasting. He sold every bottle of Sequoia Grove Reserve Cab that he had that night.

Tasting held on Friday December 5th.

Caymus Napa Cab 2004

Sequoia Reserve Cab 2004

Provenance Napa Cab 2004

Rombauer Napa Cab 2004

Duckhorn Decoy 2006

The star of the evening was the Sequoia Grove Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004.

Comments included : “Big, rich & complex.” “There’s a lot goin’ on in that glass”, “ That’s a winner”, “WOW!” and “Oh my God!”

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