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Old Tasting Notes 3-14-03 and 3-21-03

Tasting Notes: March 14, 2003

Babich “Un-oaked” Chardonnay, Hawkes Bay – 2002 - flowery aromas on the nose, light delicate fruit notes on the palate, clean and fresh with a crispness on the finish – nice drinking wine perfect for spring wine lists.

Forest Glen Chardonnay, California – 2001 - toasty, spicy, clean aromas on the nose (100% ML, BF and sur-lie aging); rich style on the palate with toasty buttery flavors yet not overly huge on the finish with nice lingering nutty, spicy oak flavors.

Forest Glen Merlot, California – 2001 - dark garnet color, bright berry aromas on the nose with a little chocolate and cranberry, on the palate there is a little nice acidity, smooth fruit quality – actually a nice drinking bottle of merlot – and I don’t like merlot.
(not sure why I said that - I quite like merlot, actually!)

Forest Glen Cabernet Sauvignon, California – 2000 - dark color, mild plum and spice on the nose, on the palate the flavors are concentrated with a touch of firmness and finishes with more plum fruits and a bit of blackberry.

Forest Glen Shiraz, California – 2000 - jammy fruit on the nose with cinnamon and pepper, concentrated and rich on the palate with a nice smooth quality that flows into the finish with a touch vanillin/fresh oak coming through with the brambly berry notes.

Rocca delle Macie “Rubizzo” Sangiovese di Toscana – 2001 - great young fresh berry aromas with jammy fruit jumping out of the glass, very smooth and young fruit on the palate and a great finish that goes on - perfect pizza/pasta wine.

Rocca delle Macie Morelino di Scansano – 2000 - a bit more substance than the Rubizzo with darker fruits and intensity – very smooth and drinkable with a great finish.

Rocca delle Macie Chianti Classico - 2000 - very smooth with ripe fruits and a delicious lush/full quality and a touch of cranberry and ripe fruits very drinkable and smooth.

Rocca delle Macie Chianti Classico Riserva - 1999 - very elegant and smooth in its overall quality with dark fruits light tannins and cranberry aromas – really a very special riserva that will reward.

Rocca delle Macie Sant’Alfonso – 1999 - loaded with rich very ripe fruits, great bottle of wine, smoky and smooth with very intense fruits that are just like glass on the palate, there is a bit of tannin on the finish but this is needed for aging. Great 100% sangiovese single vineyard wine.

Rocca delle Macie Chianti Classico Riserva “Fizzano” - 1999 - big ripe style with a jam and spice base – a bit of tannins and a nice huge style crunchy cranberry and plum quality to the wine.

Rocca delle Macie “Roccato”- 1998 - very big ripe fruits on the nose, cedar, cumin and cinnamon, very ripe fruits on the palate with a big, yet smooth, style with a good amount of grip and a medium tannic finish. Great style that will reward with cellaring.

Notes From 3-21-03
Chaeau Routas Viognier “Coquelicot”, 2001 – real pretty, light, flora fruit aromas – rich on the palate with an easy crisp finish that lingers nicely. Tasty alternative to chardonnay.

Chateau Routas Cabernet Sauvignon “Wild Boar”, 2001 – ripe young juicy berry aromas on the nose, with a deep ruby color, jumpin’ fruit on the palate with a “dusty” tannin finish that keeps going with raspberry jam and cedar.

Chateau Routas Syrah “Cyrano”, 2000 – deep garnet in color, spicy, briary raspberry and cranberry aromas, smooth and lush on the palate with a bit of vanilla and lingering sweet berry flavors. Very nice.

Stuhlmuller Chardonnay Alexander Valley, 2000 – real fresh peach and pineapple aromas with a bit of coconut, very rich on the palate, but with a very elegant edge that incorporates a nice apple fruit and vanilla quality that runs into the finish, which is lingering and falls off slowly and pleasantly. Very pleasant wine.

Stuhlmuller Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley, 1999 – herbs, spices, vanilla and cassis on the nose, great deep red/black color, very smooth and complex on the palate with loads of cassis and black jam and cedar with a finish that starts with a bit of light tannin and just keeps on giving with great fruit and ends with vanilla and brambly berry and bit more tannin.

Flora Springs Soliloquy (Sauvignon Musque), 2000 – bright aromas of vanilla, orange peel and honey suckle, smooth and tasty with loads of pineapple and lemon and tropical things, crisp-ish and finishes nicely with a little bit of oak showing through.

Flora Springs “Trilogy”, 1999 – elegant style with loads of smooth rich dark fruits and a bit of cedar and the finish is just very pleasant.

Flora Springs Cabernet Sauvignon Napa, 1999 – great big rich very nice cabernet sauvignon..

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