Wednesday, August 05, 2009

VintageVino Pick of the Day: Vavasour Pinot Noir Awatere Valley, NZ, 2007

Ok, here we go...not big on clichés but Vavasour mixes the flavors of new world Pinot Noir with the lift and freshness (read: ELEGANCE) of Burgundy. I hate pinning a wine into a category especially when it comes from such a defined area, such as this sub-ap of Marlborough. Each region should, and in many cases does, define itself through the expression of terroir. Trying to label with the expressions of another region (to me) make no sense when you get to this point, but sometimes you cannot help but make the comparisons, especially when the comparison is such a compliment.

The aromatics are right on: cherry/berry fruit with an under layer of cinnamon and forest leaves. Bouquet has just a touch of oak, but nothing heavy. On the palate the wine is crisp and smooth all at once: balanced. The finish is delicate yet intensely flavored. There is a lightness on the back of the palate from the refreshing acidity that just makes everything sing through the finish.

You have probably guessed by now that I like this wine. Yup! About $23, or so retail. Pasternak Imports.

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