Sunday, April 04, 2010

Somm Summ 2010-04-04

I can now say that I'm no longer a Rotgipfler virgin. Had my first today and although it wasn't quite ecstasy - it was quite good, especially suited to the take-out Vietnamese food we had for dinner.

The Wine:
Johanneshof Reinisch Rotgipfler Tradition, 2007
Production Region:
Thermenregion, Austria (Qualitatswein)
The Style:
Light, crisp acid, mildly aromatic, white; no oak
The Price:
I found prices on the web from $9-15 (obviously pays to shop around).

The wine is a 2007, and it shows just a touch of color development, but it is still quite clear and bright (lemon-gold).

Aromatically the wine is clean and fresh with some nutty, herbal notes that remind me of Italian whites - there is something there like hazelnut or hazelnut shell and wet metal with some minerality in the nose that is quite interesting.

On the palate the wine is dry, light and crisp with a bit of mouth feel, but very clean. 12.5% alcohol on the label - I think that there is just a bit of RS as the acidity is quite high yet there is a just a slight viscosity to the wine.

Finish is clean and medium length with the same flavors following.

All in all a nice wine, and a good wine for food. As I stated we had Vietnamese with some fried, some sweet and sour, and the wine did well with all as usual for Austrian wines.

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