Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wine of the Year

It is inevitable that someone will ask me what my favorite wine is. Usually at a tasting event the question comes up and I have a tough time answering it - usually. But the wine that keeps popping into my head lately is a wine that I had about 3 weeks ago and is one that just stands out as a wine that I would be happy to drink just about anywhere and anywhen. This is a wine that has the one big thing that I look for in what I consider to be a "great" wine and that is balance. Sounds a bit cliche perhaps, but to me a delicate wine with fine balance will always win out over a wine that relies on power.
So what is the wine that I am naming my wine of the year?
Pahlmeyer chardonnay Sonoma Coast, 2008
Just a stunning wine to drink. Delicate yet focused fruit with integrated oak flavors that will age beautifully as this wine gets older. Long and balanced on the finish. I think that this is one of the finest wines that I have tasted in a long time,  certainly the best chardonnay, and probably the best wine overall this year.

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