Friday, April 08, 2011

Ch de La Chaize 2008 and 2009

Ch de La Chaize is a single estate that hand harvests all of its grapes in the Brouilly appellation of Beaujolais. Take a look at the two wines side by side,the 2008 on the left 2009 on the right. 2008 is a more delicate vintage on the palate, but a wine with great freshness and spice and strawberry flavors. The 2009 is a young and bold example with big color and ripe fruit flavors - the only thing I was looking for was a bit more concentration (yes I said concentration) on the mid-palate. I think that the mid-palate fruit get lost a bit with all of the aromatics and structure. Both wines are a great example but with two almost completely different effects and styles. Delicious and an icon from the Beaujolais that represents it origins and heritage well.

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