Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wine of the Day (2011-11-16) DMZ (De Morgenzon) Syrah Stellenbosch, 2009

And why not the wine of the day, or week, perhaps month, even?? My thoughts
exactly, and here they are...From the highly respected and top-notched winery De Morgenzon,the DMZ Syrah 2009 is elegantly fruity in that way that only cooler climate Syrah can be - supple, slightly grippy but with a smooth attack and fresh, clean feel. The wine rolls along your palate, leaving deep raspberry fruit, just a hint of smokey spice, and a slightly tart finish. I love the name "DMZ" - it obviously is taken from De Morgenzon, but the contrast of the elegantly designed label against the other translations for DMZ make this such a cool subject - it's hard not to like. The website says 15% in new French oak and aged for 11 months, but that oak is quite hidden and well integrated, probably not enough to really impact flavor, even so. To me the oak is more of a smother-outer, sanding off the rough edges and tannic grip enough to really make this wine quite drinkable and show for more than it sells. Food-wise, I would love to try this wine with some duck or even something a bit gamier. Highly Recommended as a TCB Wine (Elvis fans know what I'm saying - look it up!) - about $15 retail, +/-.

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