Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wine of the Day (2011-11-22) Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2011

Did a tasting the other day and the person before me was tasting this wine and had some left over, so I took the opportunity to see if this year was as good as what all the hype has suggested.

As it turns out the wine is actually pretty darn good this year (I know, real wine geeks don't admit that Beaujolais Nouveau can be good, but sometimes it is). I found the color to be the typical vibrant purpley almost violet color that Beaujolais Nouveau can be. But it is the aromas that really impress me. While there can a lot of strawberry and bubblegum aromas associated with very young wine made with carbonic maceration (which this wine had), there are some really full flavors of raspberry and dark cherry that I would normally look for in more "constructed" wines. The nose is actually quite rich and inviting.

On the palate the wine is a bit rich, not over acid with a good density of fruit. A bit drier than I expected with a bit of grip even on the finish. There is a clean fruit driven style on the finish as well.

Overall not a bad effort; good balance, good concentration and quite drinkable - just what B-N is supposed to be! Recommended at about $9.99, retail.

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