Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beer of the Day: Allagash Fluxus: 2011 - French-Style Farmhouse Ale (Biere de Garde)

Well now, I don't often shell out $22 for a bottle of beer (or any money for any bottles for that matter), but I paid for this one and I think I might even go back for a couple more before they are gone - it was that good. I like the lighter more crisp and delicate style of the Farmhouse Ales. It's easy to drink, doesn't weigh you down with a lot of maltiness and at 8%abv it's not too heavy, which can make me a bit sleepy of course if I drink too fast.
This brew is a bit on the medium-dark side for color, has a great aroma of malti-goodness, but flows across the palate smooth, crisp and refreshing, with just a touch of yeastiness and balanced hopiness; the finish is smooth with some nuttiness and a balanced level of hops that is neither too bitter or lacking. Overall the balance on the beer was quite well done, the combination of subtle fruit and malt, mixed with the refreshing clean style from the lagering makes for a great drinking beer.
My only issue is that at $22 it's pricey, but that's Allagash and that's what you pay for good beer! 3/3 Well Done!

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  1. Oysterchef10:21 AM

    Tried it also this past week, and while I have know major complaints and agree that is a well balanced ale, I thought it lacked "length". The excellent caramel and nutty flavor lacked a knock out punch and for 22 Bucks, I prefer a higher ABV. I am glad to see a Northeastern (Cooperstown, Ny) brewery produce such great products and bring European style ales to our area.