Saturday, March 10, 2012

What I Drank 2 Nights Ago: DIAL M for VESPER

The Vesper (Gin, Vodka and Lillet Blanc) was created for 007, and was his drink of choice when not shaking his Martinis to death. My version uses a bit different combo - I add some Dolin Dry Vermouth instead of the Lillet Blanc. I like the Dolin very much as it is a Vermouth with delicate floral aromas and a slight herbal feel that is just enticing. You can actually drink this product on its own if you were so inclined, and that is not possible with many Vermouth even though that was really their use long ago.
I still use the Vodka and Gin combination. My choices are Cold River Gin from Maine and Berkshire Mountain's Ice Glenn Vodka from Massachusetts (that's where the "M" come from). I like the Cold River Gin as it is made from potatoes and has a great floral quality to go along with the added palate feel from the potatoes. The Ice Glen Vodka is smooth and delicious, as well. Mix the three and get well chilled with many, many stirs. Double strain in a cocktail glass and add (this is really important) a long lemon twist. The oils from the lemon peel really add a great compliment flavor to the herbal qualities of the gin and the Dolin. Sip quickly to take advantage of the chilled feeling.
I like a 1:1:1 ratio of Gin, Vodka and Dolin - but you may like a bit different so play with it and see for yourself.

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