Saturday, June 09, 2012

Wine on Draft

With the draft wine movement becoming more and more popular, we have decided that the time was right to give it a go and find a selection to compliment our Downtown (Hartford) location. Max Downtown is an upscale American Steakhouse with top service and selection on both the food side and wine side. One area we don't sell a lot of is draft beer. While we do have draft beer, based on selections and volume we know that only a certain level of product will move. Therefore we have an extra draft line available and this is where the wine is now being offered.
I decided to start with a great quality wine that is both affordable and pleasing to guests. Milbrandt Riesling from Washington State, fit this criteria, and since we were able to be the first in the area to offer wine on draft and this was a new selection for the market we decided to give it a go.
Just off dry, the 2011 is balanced and varietally correct with soft white peach, apple and floral flavors. Juicy acidity and just enough RS to balance. Perfect for Aperitif Sipping and for our lighter dishes.
Initial response has been great with this wine and we feel that it will be a success. Remember, kegs are just big bottles, but less corks to pull.

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