Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Somm Summ 2012-11-06: Seeker Malbec Mendoza, 2009

Found this wine among my samples last night and thought I would give it a go.  I usually don't really go for Malbecs when looking for something to sip on, not because I don't like them but because I am usually not in the mood for them, what ever that means(?).

I have enjoyed many Malbec over the years, have traveled to Argentina and enjoyed them in their hometown (Mendoza) with hometown cuisine (asada...yum), but for some reason when rummaging around in the sample boxes for something interesting, Malbec is not the first thing I grab.

This time I did, though, and I was quite pleasantly surprised by the wine.  Deep, rich, dark fruits with a very smooth (but not heavy) feel on the palate.  This wine hit the spot for what I needed it for (easy sipping while watching some late evening TV).  But, I could just as easily see this wine on the table, served with a burger or a juicy steak, or perhaps a rich Bolognese sauce over pasta.  The black fruit flavors and medium-rich tannins make this a good foil for anything grilled, or meaty.

Imported by Kobrand, so should be fairly widely available.  Retail about $16.

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