Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sweet Potato Quesadilla and Malbec

Sweet potato quaesadillas are a favorite and a semi-regular staple in our house.  Easy to make and definitely nutritious, served with a salad, these make a great dinner - plus left-overs the next day are always welcomed.
All we do is take sweet potatoes and run them over the cheese grater to get a pile of shaved potato.  Then sauteed with onions, olive oil and plenty of cumin for some spice.  Use this filling along with some good cheddar cheese on a tortilla for the basic quesadilla.  Add some sweet peppers, or other veg for some crunch and texture, if you like,  I like mine just with cheddar and lots of hot sauce (Texas Pete, please).

For a wine pairing - red is always a good choice as the flavors work well with the earthiness of the potatoes, but of you are like me and need the hot sauce then a tannic red is not the best choice; slightly off-dry white might even be the best choice.  I happened to enjoy this last night with a bottle of Taymente Malbec 2011, from Haurpe Wines, Mendoza.  Some tannins, which got highlighted a bit by the hot sauce, but I kept it even as I wanted to enjoy this dish and the wine.  Full, dark berry fruit with a smooth texture, make a tasty combo.  The easy drinking style of the wine makes a great accompaniment to this simple dish.

For a white suggestion I might try a Vouvray / Chenin Blanc or a Northwest Riesling.  Try the Domain Vigneau-Chevreau Vouvray 2010 - its delicate and dry, but has a lovely fruity nose and pleasant finish that compliments the sweet potatoes and cumin.  On the riesling side, try the Montinore Estate Almost dry Riesling 2012 - fruity and almost dry, which works really well with the spice if you lik
e things hot, like me.

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