Sunday, March 23, 2014

Clos Pegase Wines - Balanced Elegance

All wines tasted on Friday March 21, 2014

Clos Pegase is one of those wineries that has been quietly maintaining a reputation for making delicious wines for many years.  Located in Calistoga, but with vineyards in Carneros, the estate wines produced in Napa are the mainstay of the wine selection from this winery.  As I tasted the wines the one thing that became very apparent almost immediately was that these wines are all built on elegance and finesse with a delicious level of fruit that is neither too dry or too sweet.  The hallmark of a well made wine (in my humble opinion) is the balance of fruit, acid and tannin that create a wine that when you drink a glass, you are ready to go to the next one without even thinking.  With the exception of perhaps the Sauvignon Blanc, I could have drank each of these wines straight through.  Food is a good idea as these wines and will only build a balanced experience.  I cannot recommend these wines enough.

I should say that these wines are produced by the same owners of other properties such as Rudd, Girard, Kunde, Cosentino and a number of other labels from California.  The company is Vintage Wine Estates, owned by Leslie Rudd and Pat Roney, and is responsible for a large amount of wine from California, including the Max Cuvee wines sold at our locations.  I had idea of the connection prior to setting the meeting and there really is no other connection to our wines, but I just thought it should be mentioned for full discloser.

Here is a list of the wines and some notes on my impressions...

Clos Pegase Sauvignon Blanc Carneros, 2011

  • mild and mellow style of Sauvignon - much the Cali-style of reserved fruit expression and a touch of herbal note
  • finishes with a touch of pea notes and a little ash/smoke
  • overall a nice style with great balance and a rich feel on the palate, good acids - lovely wine but to me it was just a bit under-ripe on the finish
  • one check, plus, plus
Clos Pegase Charonnay Carneros, 2012
  • Creamy, leesy palate style with French Oak on the nose
  • Smooth and creamy palate style, lovely balance
  • finish is smooth, slightly oaky (expensive tasting barrels) 
  • well constructed and delicious
  • two checks
Clos Pegase Pinot Noir Carneros, 2010
  • ripe red fruit nose
  • soft attack, fresh and easy - good concentration though
  • rich and good on the palate, with weight
  • slightly woody finish with rich balanced fruit
  • two checks
Clos Pegase Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Estate, 2010
  • ripe, plum and dark cassis nose - touch of spice on the nose
  • thick and rich taste on the palate, smooth, full fruit - quite good feel on the palate
  • lovely long smooth finish, like this very much
  • two checks, plus

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