Friday, December 16, 2016

Tasting with Peter Zemmer

In one capacity or another, I have been working with Peter Zemmer wines for 15 years.  I had the good fortune to meet Peter a number of years ago at a tasting, but really have not connected with him since. He recently paid me a visit, though, and I was able to review the range of wines that are currently imported to the US market (or at least my market), and was, as usual, impressed - pretty much across the board, and will be using one or two as part of my next rotation in some of my restaurants.

Located in a tiny village in the Alto Adige, near Trentino in central northern Italy, this winery is producing wonderfully affordable and elegantly made wines in the Alpine valleys of the region.  Located in the lower Tyrolean area, somewhat near the Adige River, which affords them some moderation in climate, the combination of warm days and cool nights builds acidity and maintains freshness in the wine's fruit quality.  Nearly a perfect growing region for these types of dramatically styled, yet easily accessible, and food friendly wines.

The winery was founded in 1928, and today is owned by Peter Zemmer who leads a small but outstanding team of winemakers, who are able to produce a number of different wines from this out of the way region.  I have to admit that htese wines really do hit a spot in my personal taste preference which looks for wines that share balance and acidity (ie: elegance), but have lovely fruit to mirror those aspects.  The wines from Zemmer bring this forward on almost every turn.  The moderate overall temps in the region allow for a longer growing season to develop complexity in the wines, but the high level of sunshine create a situation where flavor complexity and texture are allowed to develop.  We can see this in other hilly or alpine type regions, such as the Mosel. Complexity and depth, but without over intensity.  That to me is drinkablity, especially with food.

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